The Roadrunner fuel & service card can be used at the participating petrol stations of 20 mineral oil and fuel companies to purchase fuel, goods for sale and services on account.

The Roadrunner fuel & service card is not only available to business customers but also to private individuals. On request, fleet operators are provided with detailed purchase statistics and analyses. As the number of cards is limited and users are requested to authorise the transaction with a PIN, the Roadrunner fuel & service card provides excellent security and helps you manage your costs. As a business customer, you can choose between 2-weekly and monthly invoices.

The Roadrunner card can be used at most petrol stations of the participating companies. Look out for the Roadrunner card sign.

To view or print a list of all petrol stations that accept the Roadrunner card, click here The stations can be sorted by postal code or by address.

If you have any questions or wish to find out more about the Roadrunner card, please contact the Roadrunner Service Centre on +49 (0)2332 918755 or visit the Roadrunner website at