Product program

MEDUNA motor oils

Next Generation motor oils. For the newest engines with differently fuels and also suitable for older models.

ADRENALIN motorcycle oils

motorcycle oil for all major motor cycles with high requirements

GALAR gear oils

Gear oils for the most demanding requirements of current development. A smooth power transmission under high load is easily mastered.

THULUR tractor oils

Tractor oils for use in the agricultural sector for the full range of requirements. Universally tailored to the respective application.

HAMDIR hydraulic oils

Hydraulic oils for a variety of technical requirements at any time outstanding transmit forces and protect against corrosion and wear.

ILSAN industry oils

Industry oils designed to meet the highest specific requirements. From industrial gear oils, adhesive oils up to compressor oils.

MAGNOR metalworkingfluids non-water-miscible

Non-water-miscible metalworkingfluids of the newest technology. Optimized for individual use to protect machine and material at its best.

KELDAN metalworkingfluids water-miscible

Water-miscible metalworkingfluids of the highest quality. Offering a wide range of applications, highest performance and optimal workplace safety.

FENJA greases

Greases made from high quality base oils with selected thickeners and additives for industrial and automotive applications up to food grade.

KOLDA coolants

Coolant secures the functionality at high and low temperatures and protects against corrosion, frost and overheating.