CLASSIC Lubricants


For many decades, CLASSIC lubricants have gained the trust of our customers. Thanks to our special customer relationships, technical know-how and modern filling plants, we can offer more than 100 different lubricant products. With this product range, we have established ourselves as one of the leading lubricant companies in Northern Germany.

In Saxony Anhalt, our products are sold through Bernburger Mineralölvertrieb Lühmann GmbH & Co. KG (BMV) established in 1990, where our CLASSIC range has made us to one of the market leaders.

In addition, we have built up and consolidated a strong national and international trading business over the decades.

CLASSIC lubricants are quality products made by established refineries. All grades are first raffinates and conform to the relevant national and international standards and classification systems. They are constantly adapted and improved to meet the changing demands of modern equipment (engine, hydraulic systems, etc.).

CLASSIC products are sold in our corporate design black and yellow containers. Our products are of consistently high quality, available in any desired quantity and for a wide range of purposes, including use in engines, transmissions and hydraulic systems. Of course we also offer a comprehensive range of industrial lubricants. Some of the products are available from our CLASSIC range, others are supplied by our brand partner Fuchs Europe Schmierstoffe, which also covers the needs of the market for metalworking fluids and specialist products.

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