Mission statement

The future begins today!

To remain successful in our daily business and to offer our customers a good service, we must constantly revise and adapt our behaviour and procedures. At times, this means that we need to leave behind practices that we have grown fond of in the past. We therefore constantly review our work and tasks without losing sight of who we are and how we wish to work.

The Lühmann Group – What you need to know about us

We are

a family business located in the heart of Lower Saxony with district offices in Northern and Eastern Germany. For more than 125 years, we have been supplying our customers with products and services for the fuel and motor vehicle market. Thanks to consistent growth, the development of new fields of business and active market cultivation, we have been able to establish a company with a reputation recognised by its customers, suppliers and even our competitors. Our success is firmly based on our approach to business and entrepreneurial spirit. This will enable us to remain a strong player on the market in the future.
We care about the people and traditions in our region. We are always delighted with every new job offer we can create. More than a hundred young people have completed their professional training with in our company. Creating new opportunities for others is a key motivating factor behind our work. Both the company owners and employees contribute to the development of our region through personal involvement and financial support. A successful enterprise with enthusiastic employees needs a well developed region with a thriving population.

We act and work

with and for people

Business relationships are essentially personal relationships. This applies to both: inside the company between management and employees, and outside the business when dealing with customers, suppliers and competitors. Our decisions and actions are characterised by reliability, honesty and transparency. Based on these values, we have established lasting business relationships that are beneficial to all partners.


We are aware of the consequences of our decisions and actions within and outside of our company. For us, long-term success is more important than short-term gain. Our profit is due to the cost-effective operation of our business. We are aware that our trade contributes to the depletion of fossil fuel resources. Within our company and when advising customers, we always look for stewardship of available resources and the economic use of alternative resources.

in medium-sized enterprise

We have developed a successful brand. We follow a successful marketing strategy in all our fields of business and have established an organisational structure that supports this strategy and is cost-effective. All orders from customers are processed promptly and to their satisfaction. We are able to find flexible solutions for exceptional requirements and specific problems. We are the preferred partner of our trade customers, as we operate as successfully as they do.

as entrepreneurs

Our employees are entrepreneurs within their own fields of responsibility. As their tasks and competences are clearly defined yet comprehensive, they can make their own decisions, carefully balancing responsibility and risk. We encourage and enable our staff to participate in further training and promote continuing education and innovation at every single workplace. Errors and mistakes are discussed openly and addressed. A critical approach to our own actions is a key element for our further development as a company. Through feedback and training, we improve the performance of each worker towards the common goal. The remuneration paid to employees reflects the personal performance and the profitability of the company.

with progress in mind

We know our industry, its products and markets. We focus our activities on our strengths. As specialists in our field, we keep ourselves informed of the latest products and services on the market and continuously expand our product range with new offers that we deem useful. We keep an open mind when it comes to expansion into new fields of business.